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"UFO eye-witnesses and the Mayan Calendar combine in this end-of-the-world tale based in the UFO hotspot of Puerto Rico. Known for its constant UFO and USO activities for over 90 years, Mayan Calendar Reveal is loosely based on actual accounts and events in established locales. The threaded experiences of three major characters: Jose Perez, Diana Kane, and Carlos Ramos, who have made contacts of first to third degree encounters, are engagingly chronicled with touches of HP Lovecraft and reinforced with "photographs." Their accounts are interspersed with alien contacts of minor characters to indulge the reader. The fourth section, The Reveal, ties together the characters' experiences and moves the story into the actual predicted Mayan event in a unique approach that answers many of today's alien intervention activities.

REVIEW: "MacAllister's story is as engaging as Lovecraft, though more easily accessible (e.g. it's not overburdened with pedantic prose--which is not a complaint about Lovecraft; I love his stories). Like any good work of science fiction, the story requires the reader to suspend disbelief and accept as givens things that might not jive with a "scientifically accepted perception of reality." Her characters' stories, though already a little intertwined through supporting characters, combine in the end in an entertaining and satisfying way that---if not plausible for some readers---at least puts a shiny ribbon on a fun little package. The best thing I can say on the book's behalf is that once I started reading it, I couldn't stop until I was done."

Available on Amazon


Various mentions of a Night Bazaar appear throughout history in obscure and controversial works from around the world. A forbidden market which opens at midnight, closes before sunrise, and appears for one week ... but never in the same venue each night, and never again in the same city.

There's just one catch: To find it, you must be Invited.

The Bazaar sells that which cannot be had elsewhere. Everything you've read about but thought had passed away, or never existed at all. But these eleven haunting tales will show how wrong you were!

Ah! It seems you've already spotted something you desire. But don't head off that way, not just yet. You have all night ... but not a moment more.

REVIEW: In this dark fantasy anthology, editor Hart invites 11 authors to explore the concept of the Night Bazaar, a place where the magical intertwines with the everyday. The setting is reminiscent of The Twilight Zone in scope, and throughout the anthology there is the ever-present sense that something nasty is lurking around the corner. Rich in creativity, "Whirl Away" by Carol MacAllister details the decline of a 40-something businessman as he relives the past in a series of haunted rental tuxedos. -Publisher Weekly.


Blackmoor comes alive through threaded short stories. There is no timeline. Each period unknowingly resides beside the next. Ancient evils from days forgotten draw from shrouded dwellings hidden in unseen places. They streak across pitch-black meadows, riding the tails of cool night winds, following the scent of blood. Like a feeding ground for the doomed and the damned, Blackmoor exists long ago, and today, far away, and near as the next street. It will always remain.

REVIEW: "With THE BLACKMOOR TALES, Carol MacAllister brings the creepy in all its many forms: There are so many shades of darkness here that there's something to quicken every pulse and send a shiver up every spine."
--JONATHAN MABERRY, New York Times bestselling author of FIRE & ASH and EXTINCTION MACHINE.


Ripasso is a collection of poetry from national poet laureates, to state laureates, local laureates, well-published and poetry instructors. I created, laid out, edited and prepared the publication for printing. Privately available.


A journal of previously published work by Jersey Shore writers of prose, poetry, lyrics, play, essay, and memoir. Introduced at the Jersey Shore Cultural Arts Center in a presentation of readers and performers. I readied this outstanding collection, with the help of Patricia Florio and Gayle Aanensen, for printing.

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